About Us

We are your partner for high performant web and mobile applications with heavy Python/Django backends, React.js powered elegant rich frontends and cutting edge infrastructure.

Our Approach

Python/Django React.js/React Native Custom web development - We develop web applications using the Python/Django stack backend and React.js/Redux frontend. We can also offer consulting on architecture of web and mobile apps and advice on re-writes.

Infrastructure, Security , DevOps, Scaling, and Deployment You now have the code and its battle tested and you are ready to go and start serving it securely in the wild. We can help deploy, secure your web application and scale it to support high traffic. We also train and provide adequate documentation so your team is in good shape to handle any events when we are gone

Do you have anything interesting and challenging in Python, Django, React.js React Native, mobile or web. Talk to us, we love challenges.

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If you have a MVP or full product and want it done the correct and lean way, within reasonable time and budget, read on.

If you are ready for business, are aware of costs and benefits and understand that an MVP does not necesarily mean you will break your bank but also you can't have the whole world for $500.

If you have realistic expectations, you are not a penny counter and you know what your customers want and what appeals to them.

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